My name is Tika. I am a tall gal and weigh 70 pounds. I have lived with two other dogs and cats. I have also lived with kids over 18- though I seem to be okay with kids 8 and older. I can be a digger when left alone, and can be protective of my home and family. I love to play with balls, Frisbees, plush and squeaky toys. I should not be left alone in the house for long periods as I tend to chew things and love to get into the garbage.

My name is Banjo. I am about 9 years old and weigh 90 pounds. I do not act like a senior dog. I love kids but might be too large for the little ones. I am ok with most other dogs, but cats and squirrels are on my chase list. I am well behaved, crate trained, love to chew up squeaky toys, and chase a ball now and then. I should not be around farm animals. I am old enough to know good doggie manners (sit, shake, down), but young enough to play and go on walks. If not contained, I tend to get bored and wander off. Want to add a Banjo to your band?

My nature is quiet, gentle and a bit independent. I prefer women over men. Okay with children all ages and I have lived with other cats but do not care for dogs! My lifestyle has been indoors only. When I came to the shelter I had severe matts and they had to be shaved off. I enjoy being groomed and will show my tummy to you when you are grooming me. I would do best in a low activity home with maybe one other cat(if the cat is not young)

I am 5 years old and have lived with other cats and kids 18 and under. I like to talk, am relaxed, and friendly. I like being held and being a lap cat. I can be curious at times. I can be outside occasionally weather permitting.

I am a young guy( about 2 yr old) and very friendly and sociable! Get along with other dogs, but not sure about cats or farm animals. Like a diamond in the rough I need some polishing up on obedience. Older children are fine. Enjoy the great outdoors with weather permitting. I do need help with my grooming needs from time to time if I am allowed in wooded areas. Love giving and receiving affection.

My name is "Luna" which in Spanish means "moon". My nature is quiet and gentle. Not sure about other cats or dogs. Children are fine over the age of 12.Enjoy being held and petted. Indoors/outdoors is okay with me as weather permits. I have a very soft meow when I want to talk with you.
My nature is quiet and a bit timid until I get to know you. As to other cats and dogs. It would be best for me to be the only pet in a household with no children or children that are over 17 years of age. A low activity home is the best environment for me. My lifestyle is indoor only.

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PLEASE, speak up for those who have no voice. If you see something, say something. Bring your pets in, provide plenty of fresh water...if you're cold, they're cold!
Thank you to the Flathead County Sheriff's Office for this chart. Please call (406) 758-5610 to report abuse or neglect in Flathead County.
When you rescue a Shelter Pet, your new companion may rescue YOU, too!
Click here to see the story of Eric and Peetey.
(you may need a few tissues, but you will be inspired!)
Thomas O'Malley.  I am a gentle, quiet, relaxed young male. Enjoy being held and petted. Love playing with you or cat toys. I am curious and a bit independent at times. I would need to be the only cat in the household. Not sure about dogs. Children are fine over the age of 5. My lifestyle is indoor/outdoor with weather permitting.

THANK YOU TO THE Humane Society of Northwest Montana for helping relieve FCAS' over abundance of dogs! These sweethearts are now available for adoption through HSNWMT. All of us at FCAS are grateful for this local partnership!

Transfers from Flathead County Animal Shelter TO Humane Society of Northwest Montana.  ANIMAL LOVERS UNITE!!! THANK YOU!
FCAS is helping to save lives from High-kill shelter in Arizona!!!
anticipating a transfer of 12 dogs this weekend from a high kill shelter in Arizona. As many of you know, FCAS has had very low numbers of homeless pets as of late, and we have been working to transfer some pets in to help save lives. These dogs are coming from a shelter with over 350 pets listed on their website. There is GREAT NEED to help, and we are happy to get them up north!
Many, many BIG paws up to Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. for making the journey with these very deserving dogs who need loving families...stay tuned for pupdates! Be sure to "like" the DIMC Facebook page!
please be sure to vaccinate your cats and dogs!
even indoor cats should be vaccinated for rabies...

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